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  • Q - What is TaxiGo?
  • A - TaxiGo meter is the most accurate and reliable smart phone geo digital taxi meter currently operating in Sri Lanka. Meter reading is as same as commercial roadside taximeter readings. Drivers receive realtime hire booking when they are online or offline and customers can find online and offline drivers within a range of 1km of their current location.
  • Q - How to book a taxi?
  • A - It's very easy to book a taxi with TaxiGo. Select "I need to book a taxi" from the main screen and drag the map to mark your pickup location . If there is any taxies around the "book now" button will be enabled and you will be able to book a taxi within 2 seconds. In case if there is no online drivers you will be presented with a button to show all registered drivers around your current location.
  • Q - I am a driver, how do I receive bookings?
  • A - Once you are registered as a driver with TaxiGo you can not use the customer module of the app. If you leave the TaxiGo app running you are ready and online to receive customer bookings. When there is a booking in progress driver will be notified by an alarm sound and an alert dialog and also driver will receive the customer's contact telephone number customer's pickup location as well as customers name and TaxiGo will show the way to find the customer. Please have a look at the pictures. 
  • Q - What does it cost to use TaxiGo?
  • A - Customers can book taxies for the cheapest MOT approved hire tariffs. All charges are published on this website. There will be a waiting charge of Rs.2/= per minute for all rides in case if you decide to stop and go shopping.
  • For Drivers TaxiGo is all FREE at the moment. They can use the meter and receive online bookings  without a fee. Once a driver registers with TaxiGo his or her account will be activated within 24 hours (* After going through some inspection of our team). Also TaxiGo drivers will receive tour bookings from tourists through TaxiGo travel agent team.  TaxiGo will not charge any commison (10% or 5%) on each rides like other taxi hailing apps currently operating in Sri Lanka and TaxiGo works as same as other leading taxi apps. Basicaly for drivers its all FREE at TaxiGo and we are always ready to help our drivers. 


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